About us

In mai 1995, Phono’s adventure just begun in the basement of the cult Exo shop. What better way to sell underground hip-hop vinyls ! By doing business on St-Joseph’s Street, Phono helped to relatively lower-priced of vinyl in Québec City and also contributed to spread the hip-hop culture around.

Phono had certain clients that became known today, such as Guillaume Cantin, Steve Marcoux, Shoody, Boogat, Dj Remz, 83, Black Taboo and locally, DJ Nerve & DJ Keph.

Phono’s creator, David Mathieu, also known as DM and DMD, also organized shows at Le D’Auteuil: Dr Frankenstein, Beat Factory Rap Essentials Vol 1 Tour & Rascalz Cash Crop.

While DJ DMD is officially closing Phono’s doors on St-Joseph, he is starting to operate live on CHYZ 94,3 FM radio; a contribution he will do for several years. In 2009, Phono has been reborn on the web as phono.ca., now offering vinyl around the globe. On the Thanksgiving holiday in 2014, in the evening of Oct.10, 2014, the 20th Phono’s anniversary has been celebrated at Le Cercle. The guest DJs were: DJ Nerve, Steve Cantin and DMD; the host: Nic Côté, who also once was the host at the Underground bar – Place d’Youville. 


January 9th, 2016 – Anti Bar The show Back in tha Dayz is produced by the Gold En Era QC Crew. Guests DJs: DJ Nerve, DJ Keph Le Roc, DMD and Crates Diggler. B-Boys : Quebec Bboys, Foreing Mind, QcRocCrew. Mc’s : KJT, Darko&Les infidèles, Louis the 3rd. Graf: SunrisE One. This night, with a crowd of 167 people, Back in tha Dayz broke the record crowd assistance for the AntiBar at this time.

January 7, 2017 – Anti Bar The show Street Beats is produced by the Back in tha dayz Crew. DJs : Crate Diggler, Steve Cantin, PL (from Le Tape Deck) and DMD. Mc’s : Le prince Darko and Louis the 3rd. B-boys : QC Roc crew. Graff : SunrisE One. An audienceof 65 people in spite of the freezing cold.

May 12th, 2017 –Anti Bar Esoteric is co-produced with Le Tape Deck. Opening the show, Webster with DJ DMD and The Good Samaritans with DJ Sifu. Main show: the Mc from Boston, Esoteric, accompanied by DJ DMD, nailed it by throwing a memorable hip-hop party with 90 people in the assistance.

June 7th, 2017 – Anti Bar Snow Goons – The Canadian Tour: show co-produced with Le Tape Deck. Featuring DJ Illegal and DJ Crypt. Special guests: Natural born Spitters, Big Kurt and Mugg shot. Some 60 people attended this Goon Bap show.

Visit Phono on Facebook to find articles and music mostly about hip-hop hot topics and, of course, on ephemerides classics.

Go to Phono You Tube Channel, called PhonoChannel, and let DMD and his guests entertain and inform you. Listen to their amusing stories and reports on the current hip hop scene and remember with them some classics features of the 1990’s, the hip-hop old school golden era.

Must listen to Martin Prémont podcast/balados. With his 20 minutes capsules, he presents the actuality of the hip-hop boom bap scene in Montreal, Quebec and all over the world. Rap fans will also be able to find out more details on the upcoming releases and shows.