Phono on the web for you

At Phono we are getting down with the 2010 technological program, we use web site like, you tube, facebook, paypal
to get you the best listening and connection directly to you.

Phono is back for more items online to sale in the online store even more Records ,dj accessories like butther ruggs.

Our goal is to sell abroad more than in Canada, we know how lucky records buyers are getting a good deal
on all type of style of music in old and new records we want the world to get the same chance.

If you need help for the shipping issues, e-mail us @ :
or contact us on facebook @ Phono Shop
And we will do are best to help you understand the Xpresposs system.

Here some little shipping details:
We try to ship with in 5 open office days, you paid the shipping, we paid the shipping box.
Each record you buy will have a free outer sleeve to protect-it even more.
So the records covers last longer.

If you like are new web site and just want to enjoy-it more please make a little donation any amount would bee nice so we can pay are monkeys food so they could got out more digging records New or used for your listening pleasure.

Also our goal is too get brand new t-shirt by the end of 2010 so if you want one you can pre-order with name addresses sized.
We will shortly post a demo picture on the blog of what would they look like…

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